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The Professional Handbook of Cider Tasting


In recent years, with the rise of the craft beverage movement, the cider industry has been through a period of rapid commercial and non-commercial growth. Tasting and quality control is a core aspect of successful cider making and it is essential for industry and researchers to characterize cider using a standard, quantifiable metric. This book is a research-based handbook for understanding both the theory and practice of effectively evaluating the sensory properties of cider.

The Professional Handbook of Cider Tasting, developed by Washington State University, includes content on the physiological basis of sensory evaluation, effective profiling of sensory evaluation, types and styles of cider, origins of cider quality attributes and direction for pairing cider with foods. The book also:
• Covers a broad range of cider tasting techniques with associated technical explanations.
• Provides data and research-driven information.
• Contains sample sensory evaluation sheets, a tasting wheel, and guidance for creating fresh cider sensory standards and the utilization of various apple cultivars.
• Includes a summary of the current global cider styles

This is an invaluable resource for commercial cidermakers, non-commercial cidermakers, students on cider production courses, researchers and other industry and stakeholder personnel.
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