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What Is The Cider Institute of North America?

The Cider Institute is a non-profit organization...

is made up of passionate cider industry professionals and
educators with a mission to create a quality-driven and sustainable
cider industry through education and research. We work with
universities and training institutions develop curriculum and procure funding for research that will benefit the entire industry.

The Roots

The creation of the Cider Institute was born out of the rapid growth within the cider industry and the recognition of how little education opportunities exist to train new cider makers. What started as a casual discussion amongst colleagues has morphed into an organized effort to drive forward cider education and research.

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The Growth

Our courses are taught in partnership with leading fermentation research institutions including Cornell University, Washington State University, Brock University, and Virginia Tech. The Cider & Perry Production Certificate Program is offered as an option to all students completing these programs as a way to develop new talent from within the industry.


The Future

The Cider Institute continues to develop  resources, online workshops, and in-person trainings to grow the accessibility and expertise of the cider industry. Our work reflects the priorities of the industry, and we invite ongoing feedback and collaboration between cider makers, businesses, researchers, and instructors.

How it Began

The Roots

At CiderCon 2016, the cider industry agreed to form the Cider Institute of North America (CINA) in recognition of the need and demand for training and development of cider production skills.

This overall initiative is designed to build on the training provided in North America since 2003 by Mitchell F&D Limited's Cider & Perry Academy (CPAC), a UK-based training organization specializing in cider & perry production.

In addition to developing & providing training for all stages of a career in cider and perry production, CINA develops resources, practical assessment, and mechanisms for skills & technology development & transfer.

To drive this initiative forward, a board of directors was formed to include members of the North American Cider Industry, Cider & Perry Academy (CPAC), Cornell University, and the Northwest Agriculture Business Center (NABC). We have additional education partners on our curriculum planning team from Brock University, Washington State University, and Virginia Tech. In 2016, CINA incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and hired its first Executive Director.

How it Happens

The Growth

The specific functions of The Cider Institute are to:

• Provide a mechanism to identify & prioritize training & skills development needs on behalf of the cider industry, from start-ups to established businesses (large & small-scale). CINA also acts in an advocacy capacity as appropriate.

• Develop standards for curriculum, assessment, and resources for the various levels of certification.

• Provide accreditation and act as the Examination Board for cider production training programs. Certifications are awarded to those cider & perry producers who meet the necessary standards.

• Approve, oversee, advise, guide, and liaise with instructors, Training Providers, and Skills, Knowledge & Technology Transfer Centers (SKTTC).

• Undertake an ongoing review of the training programs, assessment standards and certifications being offered.

• Identify and support research in cider & perry production, pomology, orcharding, and marketing.

• Partner with other organizations, institutions, suppliers, and funding providers with respect to supporting cider production education.

How it Continues

The Future

In addition to the role of Training Providers and instructors, additional mechanisms will be developed and established for skills, knowledge & technology transfer. Based on the "one-stop-shop" model operated in the UK and similar initiatives for other industry sectors, these SKTTCs will include:

• Pilot-scale cider production facilities & equipment for use in hands-on training and initial start-up incubation. The facilities can also be used for research and development.

• Consultancy and trouble-shooting services, including product sensory feedback.

• Opportunities for online education.

• Laboratory facilities to support production cideries as well as analytical testing services directly linked to cider research and quality control.

• A job & internship board to create a professional pipeline for cider & perry producers.

• An information hub and library.

What makes the Cider institute great?

The Difference


Represents and serves the wide scope of the cider industry including business size, geographic range, and production styles and techniques.


Access to the best knowledge-base, research, and professional best practices available.


Provides a unique collaboration between the cider industry and researchers,  helping to bridge the gap between science and production through applied learning .


Provides a connection between students and the world's leading authorities in cider production and research.


Steered by the industry for the industry to provide training for cider makers to gain employment and start and build successful operations.


The Cider Institute developed the first certification for cider & perry production in the world.

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Albermale Ciderworks - Virginia

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Cornell University - New York

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Riley's Cidery - British Columbia

Christine Walter

Bauman's Cider - Oregon

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Western Cider - Montana

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Vander Mill Cider Co. - Michigan

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Cider & Perry Academy - United Kingdom

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Spoke & Spy Ciderworks - Connecticut

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