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Education and professional development are essential means to advance the knowledge, techniques, resources, personal development, and networking opportunities that help individuals thrive in the cider - or any other - industry. Yet there are barriers to entry in professional programs that include finances, mentorship, and racial and ethnic representation. To address access to and funding for cider education, CINA launched the Cider Production Education Fund for aspiring and current cider makers of color. Our goal is to offer tuition-free education covering the fundamental aspects of cider production through our online training, Cider & Perry Production – A Foundation. Fourteen scholarships have been awarded since 2021.


CINA has partnered with cider businesses and associations to raise funds for the Cider Production Education Fund to support BIPOC interested in the advancement of their careers in the cider industry. CINA provides a dollar-for-dollar match to support a diverse and inclusive cider industry and support the educational goals of people who are currently marginalized or underrepresented in the cider industry by reducing financial barriers. Donors will receive recognition on this page and on our social media channels. Tax deductible donations for any amount can be made through the “Donate” button at the top of this page or by contacting

Thank you to our donors who have contributed to the education fund: Angry Orchard, American Cider Association, Ash and Elm Cider Company, California Cider Association, Ploughman's Cider, Seattle Cider Company, The Cider Jawns, Virtue Cider, David Franklin, Joe Gaynor, Gabriel Lucas, Bri Valliere, and Elliot Wenzel.


To reflect our goal of reducing barriers to the industry, CINA has worked to make the scholarship application process as streamlined as possible. Please click on the “Apply” button at the top of this page to fill out the short form. Applications will be reviewed by CINA staff and board on a rolling basis and awarded based on an individual's personal interest and professional goals related to cider & perry production, orcharding, and pomology. The fund will award tuition-free registrations to our online course, Cider & Perry Production – A Foundation. All course materials and one attempt at the Certification Exam are included. Scholarships are available to individuals either at the beginning of their career in the cider industry or looking to continue their education and cider making experience.  

Eligibility requirements:

(1)   Applicants must identify as BIPOC

(2)   Applicants must be 21 years of age or older

(3)   Applicants ideally have an interest or intention to work in the orcharding and / or production side of the cider industry

Contact with any questions or feedback.


Congratulations to the recipients of CINA's Cider Production Education Fund!

Chelsea Stowers (Washington) Winter 2021

"I’ve been making home cider for 10 years. I have my own classic apple press that I use for single varietals in the fall but craft cider using commercial bought juice year round. I love everything about cider...The idea of cider was always associated with some fantasy stories that I love reading and making it holds an air of magic for me. I would love to be involved with production and become a head cider maker. What I hope to achieve out of the program is more knowledge I can add to my cider making toolkit while at the same time connecting with others while social networking."

Mireya Manigault (California) Winter 2021

"I am so excited to be starting my cider production education. I have been dabbling in cider for years, dreaming of making traditional ciders and ciders kissed by the unique American fruits of my childhood and those of all the places I’ve lived and traveled to around the world. COVID and its related economic crisis has definitely been cause for introspection and pivots. It has allowed for the time, but not the additional finances. I am so grateful to CINA and the Cider Production Education Fund for making this opportunity possible."

Marlvin Chieza (Rusape), Spring 2021

"I am excited to take this course because it is my bridge from becoming a cider lover to becoming a cider maker. From this course, I intend to get answers to all of my questions that came up during home fermentations. It gives me an opportunity to learn from experts in cider industry and interact with other cider producers and cider makers, whom we don't have here in Zimbabwe."

Eliseo Bell-Uribe (Oregon), Spring 2021

"The CINA scholarship made it possible for me to take the Foundation course much sooner than I would have been able to do on my own. It has allowed me to learn more about the cider production process and further my professional and personal goals in cider making. I am currently undergoing a process to test and experiment with different apple blends while I come up with a plan to open a small craft cidery. This class is giving me a great deal of knowledge to make better and more consistent cider. Being able to learn from those in the industry is incredibly valuable in my growth as a cider maker."

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